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This I pledge...

How I feel and I have tried to get you the f out of my head I can't and you know it and you know why.

true story

Wood sign made to look like Paper with Quote. I love the idea, but not the quote.

I will Always remember that..With More to Come.. My Beautiful flip-flop Cowgirl <3

I love it when in the middle of a kiss I can feel you smiling . it's a GOOD feeling


In a committed relationship. PLEASE RESPECT MY RELATIONSHIP!Cats are love. Cats are life.I like compliments and I give them away often.And sex.I love you all, you beautiful humans.

all the things you ever want to say to that someone.

I am flawed and I am human and i am broken and I am trying. And i am one person and I am two hands and one heart . and I love you. And I am so glad you are here. Ahhh my love letter to my penguin :'( tears !

Soul mates

Soulmate definition with quote. Soulmate definition with quote . Whats a soulmate? Its like a best friend but more, Its the one person in the world who knows y funny

Love you

I love you because you actually put effort into me. I love you because nobody has ever given me love that you have given me and you are the only one who could ever love me this way. I love you because you always make me feel that I am worth something.

This was us, IM NOT GIVING UP. Im not mad at you and I know your parents dont want you to talk to me but i have to give you something. its a long message, it wont hurt you and i dont want to hurt you. I promise I love you Singh