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I was given this and I think it's pretty cool! #Destiny

I read a theory that said she didn't shot the gun it was someone else in a different place

This was literally me. I sat staring in shock for so long.

25 "Rogue One" Jokes That Will Force You To Laugh

On emotional destruction: | 25 "Rogue One" Jokes That Will Make You Laugh And Then Cry Some More

This episode really did showcase exactly how much Sherlock's changed since season 1--notice that he was actually attempting to be somewhat polite to the couple who had lost their son.

Decimal Destruction Game - Comparing Decimal Numbers to the Thousandths

Another shell game while they have their hand in your pocket they distract you with this useless bullshit.

The people around him stared him with fear, and he simply walked past carrying a cigarette in his hand full of blue and purple bruises.

I still don't understand why all these "Patriots" we heard so much from in the past few months aren't demanding that a serious investigation take place about it? Now that apparently, the 4 Americans who were murdered in Benghazi don't seem to matter much to them anymore, you would think that this would be something to take seriously!