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Scaled Composites took the idea to a new level with the custom White Knight mothership it built to carry SpaceShipOne to 50,000 feet. The rocket then launched away to become the first private craft to carry people into space in 2004.

British-made De Havilland Vampire was the first fighter plane to exceed 500mph, and the first to takeoff and land on an aircraft carrier (in 1945).

The Roc Carrier Plane for Paul Allen’s Space Venture Stratolaunch Systems Is Set to Become the Largest Aircraft Ever

Stratolaunch measures 385 feet long—more than 100 feet longer than an Airbus It was built from the pieces of two It will carry a SpaceX rocket into the sky for an aerial launch. The mega jet is coming.

Justin Bieber signs up for trip to space, Virgin Galactic founder says

Breaking news: Liftoff! SpaceShipTwo celebrates the new year with test flight - Virgin Galactic successfully launches test flight of private commercial spacecraft : nbcnews