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One of her favorite positions!

One of her favorite positions!

Dogs Can Sleep Anywhere, In Any Position..

12 Dogs That Can Sleep Anywhere, In Any Position. ~~ Love the one with the Bassett Hound.body is in the big flower pot and his head is in the little flower pot!

Can't see me.... (No, really, I laughed out loud the whole time I was looking through this one.)

25 Dogs That Suck At Hide And Seek.my fav is the one with the cone of shame lol

The most powerful thing we can each do as individuals is understand, care for and train our dogs in a way that builds a relationship based o...

Take the Positively Pledge - and read and watch videos to find out more about training your dog positively - it really does work:)

Click visit site and Check out Cool "English Cocker Spaniel" T-shirts. This website is excellent. Tip: You can search "your name" or "your favorite shirts" at search bar on the top.

Cocker Spaniel in the classic "frog dog" position. My dog, Trixie, does this as well!

The biggest dogs breeds in the world | interestingstrangefacts.com  Big Dogs = Man's Best Friend / www.PetWellbeing.org

That's one BIG DOG! The dog is the same size as the horse. I bet this police officer gets some very strange looks from people when they see him riding a HUGE DOG the size of a horse.

Ichabod the Optimistic Canine Comic <3

Ichabod the Optimistic Canine. By artist Ayla Stardragon.