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Princess Dress Outfit Teddy Bear Clothes Fit 14" - 18" Vermont Teddy Bears, And Make Your Own Stuffed Animals, 2015 Amazon Top Rated Stuffed Animal Clothing & Accessories #Toy

Marin pattern by Marie Dardennes - IØD

really sweet little easter or baby bunny rabbit pattern to make great gift for new borns Marin le lapin * Pattern

Called an "interweave" stitch, this crochet pattern looks complicated but has a video tutorial to follow along. Worth a shot!

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu.

Arts and crafty individual Mochillery is a master of amigurumi (あみぐるみ)—the Japanese craft of knitting plush toys from yarn. Her latest work is a set of unbelievably cute Pocket Monsters. Can you believe how cute they are? No, no you cannot.