This is just another take on the Thanksgiving turkey. We watercolor small paper plates, and I allow the students to use any color feathers they want. This year, we used rainbow colors in the order in which they are identified in the rainbow. The long, folded legs are my favorite feature. :) Sorry the picture isn't more direct. I'm not the best photographer!

This was a bulletin board I was able to do my last year of teaching second grade. It was one of my favorite projects! The kids wrote a description of a story they would recommend to others. Then, I took their picture and they filled out an 'Author Information' card. I have used this border SO many times!

Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving. Virtual field trips of the Mayflower, and Plimoth Plantation. Absolutely excellent! » About ten minutes from where I live!

Colorful paper leaves - apparently simple to make - would be a really neat Thanksgiving tree!

Beginning of the year craft for bulletin board- colored paper pencils

Beginning of the year bulletin board!

My version of a craft for Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Joy Cowely; we identified the main idea and students needed to write 3 details from the story.

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