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q1659 - Tabby & Penetrators

q1659 - Tabby & Penetrators

An outstanding lemon healer tabby quartz crystal point from Arkansas that has 2 penetrators and a key area.

BADLANDS....by D*Face (from the United Kingdom)...FORT SMITH MURALS....Arkansas....products of 'The Unexpected' (an annual local mural festival bringing urban contemporary art to the area)....international artist line-ups have including Alexis Diaz, Okuda San Miguel, Guido Van Helten, Jaz, Pastel, Faith 47, Bordalo II, Cyrcle, D*Face and Maser....11 murals were created in 2015...9 were added in 2016

Artist: D*Face - Location: 317 Garrison Avenue Fort Smith, Arkansas

War Eagle Mill. Located between Rogers and Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Located between Rogers and Eureka Springs, Arkansas. THe War Eagle Flea Market Is HUGE!