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Being creative can be a two way. You can be the artist or you can be the canvas. Thank you @minx_monroe for being an amazing artist. @moderncompassion for the best shirt ever.

Hand stamped Mama Tried Necklace Heart Rose Nautical Star Tattoo Pendant Tattooed Mom Vixen Minx Slut Anchor Swallow Sparrow flash

Hand-stamped "Mama Tried" heart-shaped tattoo necklace

2017/01/16 11:42:55 soulbraille @SoulBraille • “She let him see her. All her weaknesses and vulnerabilities and doubts. Her dreams, her desires, her darkness. She shared her tears and her smiles both. The most intimate moments and feelings she hid from everyone else…she shared with him.” (via @soulbraille #soulbraille) 🖤 • For more visit: @soulbraille • Our backup @ethereal_minx • •…