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Puppy mills must end!

Another victim of a puppy mill.

This is a puppy mill mama who was rescued. When you buy from puppy mills or pet stores you are encouraging this...

Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill

Puppy mills

Furby is a 10 year old Chihuahua rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue from a puppy mill.

Pet Store Puppies and Puppy Mills

I Care About Animals's photo: This beautiful dog is a mother dog who was used as an "incubator" to get pregnant over and over again in a puppy mill. Puppy mills are just like feed mills. Places where feed is made. Except they use live animals who live in cages, get no veterinary care and are fed poor quality food to keep reproducing so they can sell the puppies. To read more about this dog and puppy mills, click on the link:

Stop Puppy Mills!

End puppy mills now!