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Yes! I don't understand people now days!! How can anyone in the right mind think it's okay to kill a baby???

Oprah Winfrey: 'Jesus Did Not Come To Die On The Cross' Ummm....Sorry miss O, but YES He did! Oprah's Racist Encounter Oprah is racist her every meeting is a racist encounter, just like Al Sharpton.

A&E Suspends Phil Robertson Indefinitely For Anti Gay Beliefs. They asked his opinion, but obviously people think again if you're Christian you MUST be perfect and are NOT allowed to express an opinion different from the mainstream... get over yourself! Love Phil! Shame on A & E!

Jesse Jackson Demands Meeting With A&E... Predictably Plays the Race Card - Who the hell does Jackson thinks he is to demand anything. I guess the country has given him to much power and he think he is Obama.

Did Facebook Ban Duck Dynasty Support Page Creator For 'Too Many Likes?'

Suppoert Duck Dynasty | Did Facebook Ban Duck Dynasty Support Page Creator For 'Too Many Likes ...

Eric Garner’s Daughter Posts Address of Cop Present at His Death in Hopes of Assassination. - If anything happens to the officer or his family at their home this girl should be charged as an accessory to the crime.

Dem Believes In Hillary Clinton 'Now More Than Ever'

Dylan with Van Morrison (left) and The Band's Robbie Robertson (right) in the finale of director Martin Scorsese's 1978 concert film The Last Waltz. Description from I searched for this on