Ant killer, stain remover, linen spray, all purpose cleaner even use in my car! lOVE!! Melaleucas Sol-U-Mel! Email me for more info cheers!❤️

Ok so first off I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of Melaleuca products - but honestly this is the BEST spot remover I have ever used! It has even removed stains that have been on clothing for months (and washed and dried several times)!!

Well my shopping is done for the day! I love shopping with Melaleuca. First, I am far to busy to waste precious time loading up the kiddos and going to the store. PLUS I like to know what I am buying & what is in it. Oh an did I mention it's cheaper then walmart? Yup, I'm a bragging away :) I am SO pumped to be living a healthy lifestyle! Happy Monday all! Email me for more info:

Here's what is in your dishwashing detergent if you aren't using #Melaleuca or any natural alternative! Contact me for info!

New product! Excited to try! Love lavender! Thank you melaleuca for providing safe, non toxic. Ecofriendly laundry soap at a fraction of the cost! Interested in joining the melaleuca family of over 800,000 households? Email me

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