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Ant killer, stain remover, linen spray, all purpose cleaner even use in my car! lOVE!! Melaleucas Sol-U-Mel! Email me for more info cheers!❤️

Melaleuca Tub put to the test - just ask and I will give you several peoples testimonials and they will also gladly share with you that this amazing product is the bomb! It is natural, it will not give you headaches!!! You simply spray on, let it sit, and it will rinse the soap scum right off! Trust me, your tub will thank you and you will be so happy!

GC Control. My mom who has been diabetic for years with fasting sugars over 120, and after 1 week on the supplement, her sugars are ranging between 55 and 75! She had to reduce her meds! If you know someone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic, tell them to give me a call! 717-638-8711.

I use this diffuser to help with my son's "Brain Fog." I add 2 drops each of the essential oils, Rosemary, Frankincense and Peppermint. It helps him when he is studying. If you are interested in where to purchase, message me.


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Discover the therapeutic, mood-boosting benefits of 3 new PURE™ Essential Oils, available only at Melaleuca. But that’s not all: With new PURE Roll-On Bottles and Mini Bottles, applying and sharing your favorite oils has never been easier.