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The Governor’s Palace at the ancient Maya city of Uxmal, Mexico, 1882, photographed by Désiré Charnay (1828-1915). (Getty Museum)

The Governor’s Palace at the ancient Maya city of Uxmal, Mexico, photographed by Désiré Charnay (Getty Museum)


Chaac, the Mayan god of rain, keeps us dry during our daytime visit to the Mayan archeological site and then mercifully rains out the nightly sound and light show.

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Uxmal Yucatan Mexico

Uxmal Yucatan Mexico ~ Uxmal is an ancient Maya city of the classical period in present-day Mexico. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Maya culture, along with Palenque, Chichén, and Calakmul.

The Longyou Caves were only discovered late in the 20th century. At least 24 caves have been discovered so far. All of which were carved by hand. Although the overall excavation involved almost a million cubic metres of stone, there is no historical record of them or evidence of the work. Their origin is a complete mystery. At present there is no explanation for their existence. They represent one of the largest underground excavations of ancient times.:

The Longyou Caves were discovered late in the century. At least 24 caves…

Dr. Kenneth Wilson admitted that his famous 1934 photo was a HOAX.  The image shown here is probably underwater currents.

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A decoration on the 120 meter long two-level "palace" at the Maya town of Labna ("city of abandoned houses") which lies on the Puuc route.   As with similar carvings at Uxmal and elsewhere, this one shows the head of the town's ruler protruding from the mouth of a snake which is usually identified as Kukulcan, the Maya version of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl

Uxmal is one of the most important Mayan ruins in Central America along with Chichen Itza and Tikal. The ruins are built in a peculiar architectural.

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