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awwww, Samus! D:

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Super Donald Dick

Super Donald Dick

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Spongebob Squarepants Quotes of pure AWESOMENESS! Is it bad that I read every one of these in the voice of the character who said them and remembered every episode that each quote came from?

He's been on my dresser for a month now.

He's been on my dresser for a month now.

I couldn't stop laughing at this the first time I saw it.

Wacky Midna Hijinks 3 by Yoyobionicle on deviantART. I laughed SO HARD. This is why I love Midna

'What-if...' Comic: How Kirby started MW by KiKiD484 on DeviantArt. Hahahaha!!!

' Comic: How Kirby started MW