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lol.... AWWWW, So THIS is why the Dinos are gone- they totally missed the bus!

missed the boat. No WONDER the Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs. they missed the boat! Now I come to think of it, where does it mention dinosaurs AT ALL in the the Bible?

Free Hugs!

Old Lady Quotes humor, some people need a hug with a rope around their neck

This shit is getting out of hand,,,

Funny pictures about The evolution of saggy pants. Oh, and cool pics about The evolution of saggy pants. Also, The evolution of saggy pants.

When did this…(I know right? so much pressure to be the "right" beautiful, but we can't all look like we're from the Jurassic era!)

When did this…

lmfao always hated that when did this become hotter than this b.s, everyone is beautiful curvy or boney spread the love don't say ones better than the other

Can you see what is funny here? When you figure it out share it with your friends......

Once you find it, you will laugh. And if u didn't find it, the girl on her shirt is eating the other girls' boob


loosely translated- turtle- the first to arrive home wins hare- ok! turtle- i wiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn! hare- oh, shit. i cant stop laughing at this

funny old people jokes

I can't take that chance! :p old people have the best sense of humor!