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Talk about being peer pressured #funny #lolpic.twitter.com/rYYas1Fgfe http://ibeebz.com

Funny lol -- Talk about being peer pressured Daily Funny jokes

This is basically what we do in marching band.

Some may rag on them for these silly moments, but what better way to detoxify yourself than a bit of harmless fun?

These Photographers Show You How Far People Go To Take A Good Photograph

These Photographers Show You How Far People Go To Take A Good Photograph

Things photographers do just to get the perfect picture😂

Well, something new for me to try with my cat!

Jimmy Choo the bullterrier by Rafael Mantesso

Jumping in Leaves, Erik Petersen Photography

This must be in Wisco.

Funny pictures about It started snowing. Oh, and cool pics about It started snowing. Also, It started snowing.

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Rockhopper Penguin

Southern rockhopper penguin, Eudyptes (chrysocome) chrysocome, Eastern rockhopper penguin, Eudyptes (chrysocome) filholi and Northern rockhopper penguin, Eudyptes (chrysocome) moseleyi

Finding shelter....

Nature's umbrella-thank God for leaves!

you have bewitched me body and soul

Black and white baby bird.

The good kind of vandalism. (via gallowboob)

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DC0ZmH3UMAAfTI-.jpg (540×960)

DC0ZmH3UMAAfTI-.jpg (540×960)



Master of the kung fu (via onsennyanko)

If you thought penguins were just cute and adorable, this amazing photo—featured in National Geographic's Your Shot—of an Adélie penguin angrily confronting the camera may make you think otherwise. It was captured by Gordon Tait near Casey Station, Antarctica, while shooting a series of time-lapses.

Cute penguins get angry too

Picture of an Adelie penguin in Antarctica When Penguins Attack Photograph by Clinton Berry, National Geographic Your Shot