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Simplicity in it's true form is more complex than complexity.

Serve Lime Sherbet Fizz Punch in honor of Ralph getting stuck in the green goop in Sugar Rush. And maybe just because it just happens to be one of my favorite party drinks. It is, in my true form, super easy to make and only requires 3 ingredients: Lemon/Lime soda, Ginger Ale, Lime Sherbet. Pour 1 liter of each drink into a punch bowl. Add desired amount of lime sherbet (I typically add 1/2 gallon) and then serve. Yum!

"The Kabbalah Sephiroth - Hod Hod or Majesty is the 8th Sephiroth, lying at the bottom of the Column of Justice in the Tree of Life. This pillar has its foundation in Binah or Understanding, and also includes Gevurah or Severity. Hod along with Netzach are the legs of the world, thus are the means of movement. They operate together like Force and Form; in this sense, Hod is Force conditioned by Form. Psychologically, Hod is the ability to abstract, reason, and communicate. It is important…

In this frosty follow-up to the Caldecott Honor book, Flora and the Flamingo, Flora takes to the ice and forms an unexpected friendship with a penguin.

I quickly "read" this book (it is only pictures) on a Christmas shopping trip and literally wept in the aisle. So so touching! Cant wait to share with my children year after year to teach them about true sacrifice and the purest form of love and giving.

“I don’t even like everyone in my class, why do I have to give them friendship cards?” This question came from Biz, my 7-year-old, who was very blunt with me about not wanting to …

hahahahaha...every time I hear this term (in it's true form) I think about that outRAGEous FB article DQ wrote :) omg, I'll never forget how hard everyone laughed over that. That's what I get for raising two of the most smartassy individuals ever born.

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