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Otterly Adorable

In the Hiraoka Zoo in Japan, 2 baby otters were born in March. Come read their story and melt from their cuteness!

Otter rock

I love otters. I will always love otters, and now I love them more, because they are like little Rowans running around with rocks in their pockets. Fact checked, they do indeed have a pouch in which they keep their favorite rock.

Hey! Who took the last beer?

But Cute Baby Animals Make it All Better

“There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes.”  ― Abraham Lincoln

To non horse people, a smiling donkey.to horse people, a mini donkey whose ears are flat back, teeth bared and about to bite your head off- lol ツ

This sloth takes better selfies than me.... And I'm pretty sure that isn't Arizona lol

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That awkward moment when a baby sloth takes a better selfie than you ever could. just know by the look on his face that sloth just sexted all that guys friends!

Baby otter

My favorite animal the otter! There’s a little pouch on an otter’s body where it can keep its favorite rock.

Baby Otter's

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