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Jack and Elsa.... I ship jelsa but that top comic is an interesting idea is Elsa had stayed evil

Jack and Elsa. I ship jelsa but that top comic is an interesting idea. I totally dont ship helsa

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons.

ROTBTD pictures like this always makes me want to cry because it reminds me that one day all of them but Jack will die or people won't remember ROTBTD and Jack will feel like useless pieces of crap with a meaningless live

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so rapunzel is the corpse bride, jack frost is jack skellington, merida is the mad hatter, hiccup is bettlejuice, this is another one of my geek moments. i just love how merida looks her costume suits her soooo well same with jacks

The Big 4 and Frozen. I ship Jelsa but I don't know how I feel about adding Frozen.

Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragon. <<< Honestly I think that it should just be rise of the brace tangled dragons because (don't get me wrong i love frozen) frozen just doesn't belong in the group.

Ooooh, They are under the Mistletoe (hint hint wink wink)

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Elsa, Jack, Mérida, Soluço, Rapunzel, Anna. Modernos

Disney (and Dreamworks) characters in modern fashion. Elsa (Frozen), Jack Frost (Rise of The Guardians), Hiccup (how to train your dragon), Merida (brave), Anna (frozen) and Rapunzel (tangled)