March 13, 2005 - Alan Rickman at the Sony Ericson Empire Film Awards at the Guildhdall in London, England. -- Alan presented the Independent Spirit Award to Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith wrote and directed the 1999 movie "Dogma," which co-starred Alan Rickman, Bud Cort, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock and many others.

Alan Rickman laughing with Rebecca Hall at the Venice Film Festival, September 4, 2013. She was in "A Promise" with him | via Mike Ebersol

May 21, 2001 - Alan Rickman and Rima Horton at the after-party for the play Mouth to Mouth at the Terrace in Meridian, London. Copyright © Getty Images

| Seminar stage door 8 November 2011 | Alan Rickman signing autographs at the stage door of the John Golden Theater, after the performance of Seminar on Tuesday 8 November

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