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"Sometimes the roads are winding and bumpy, sometimes narrow with huge drop offs, but goodness, it's always worth the view at the top." #FamilyTrails // Photo by Jessica Pahl

"With each passing day, Luke gets a little stronger, a little braver, a little more coordinated, and a little more independent. It's my job, as his mother, to show him the wonderful world he is part of. It's also my job to document our adventures together, not only for our own reflection and enjoyment down the road, but to share and inspire other young families to do the same. As Luke grows, our adventures will get a little wilder." - @jessieemslie // #FamilyTrails

"All good things are wild and free." ― Henry David Thoreau #FamilyTrails // Photo by Wioleta

Meet Rebecca Darling - The Darling Family takes Texas in this #FamilyTrails adventure.

❝The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.❞ ― Albert Einstein #FamilyTrails // Photo by Katie Galto

We always love seeing our Family Trails swag out and about. Here, Gabriela was using the compass at Zion, and she saw a turkey right as this photo was being taken! // Photo by Travel-Kids-Hiking

"The trip taught me that you don't need a jam-packed itin to call an adventure a vacation."

Road trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. #FamilyTrails

❝Once I said that having kids doesn't have to change your hiking/traveling habits dramatically. Trying to prove it ever since.❞ #FamilyTrails // Photo by Anna Iatskiv

Through our travels and "road schooling," we are able to enjoy learning experiences that bring our world to life. Now, as we hike along many other trails in our travels, passerbys will often hear our kids singing their favorite paddling song at the top of their lungs. #FamilyTrails