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As a pilot was checked his plane before take-off, he won't have looked for this

The stowaway moggy gave rookie pilot Romain Jantot the fright of his life as it emerged on top of the wing of an Ultralight plane and sticking its head into the cockpit, The cat was heard muttering that he was never going to use RYAN AIR again

Ever seen a dog growing out of a bush? Well now you can

This Shiba Inu dog didn't seem too bothered when he got stuck in a bush 10ft up in the air in Japan. The canine wasn't fazed at all by his unfortunate predicament.

These posing pooches pull some funny faces as they fall to the ground

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Britain's biggest dog, Freddy the Great Dane, is over 7ft tall and still just a puppy

Is this the saddest cat in the world?

What's up pussycat?: The forlorn feline has a whopping 15,000 followers on Instagram

This 'Concerned Kitten' has become an online sensation because of his EYEBROWS

Concerned: The kitten's eyebrows have seen him dubbed with the name which has made him famous

World's oldest wombat joins Tinder in attempt to find love

Barry the Bedlington terrier is the dandiest dog in town

Bary the Bedlington terrier hit the headlines after learning to ride a tricycle, but he's now upgraded to classic cars - here he is in a Rolls Royce (video)

19 Cats Who Made Poor Life Choices

9. This cat who dove into a box without thinking through the consequences | 19 Cats Who Made Poor Life Choices