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Budget Cuts Take Money Out Of The Economy. Countries that are trying to fix deficits with spending cuts are finding out that taking money out of their economies by cutting government is slowing their economies. Duh! Imagine that! So instead of cutting deficits the resulting slowdowns are making their deficits worse as tax revenues drop and joblessness goes up. So what are they proposing? More "austerity" spending cuts.

DOJ ordered to release list of Fast & Furious documents Obama protected with executive privilege | Human Events

And our government has a spending problem??? Let's try ending corporate welfare and use the money to help people, not corporations!

REAL welfare queens! Truly disturbing on multiple levels. Think about that for a minute: STATE funding for "reality" TV? Seriously??? It's true. The government and media go to bed together every day in every way and we the tax-payers get to pay big money, not just for Sara Palin's opulent lifestyle, but for the propaganda we are being fed.

Election countdown: 99 weeks to go

Lib Dems: We're now a serious party of government. We've worked with the Conservatives and done things you know we didn't want to - tuition fees and some spending cuts. You can trust us with the economy, but we have a heart too. Don't let Labour wreck the economy and don't let the Conservatives govern without us being there to keep them in check.

If you don't know the difference between the debt and the deficit, don't write any pea-brained comments on my pin. Pin it on your own board and write whatever you want to your ignorant content. First step is reduce the deficit and that does not happen under military-spending crazy Republicans. In the interest of stopping lies, possibly gotten from fake news, I delete outrageous false comments.