Australian Combat Controller

An Australian soldier with the No 4 Squadron Combat Control Team participating in a demonstration.


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They're coming...

They're coming. check this website out if you're into the whole apocalypse prepping thing. I found it more humorous. But some of their gear is pretty great.

Special Forces operators beards

Special Forces Operators: This Soldier resembles Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle who is the Subject of the film, "American Sniper." Rest In Peace, Chris. Americans Love You.

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Navy Special Warfare Development Group operators portrayed in the movie Zero Dark Thirty

Seal Team 6                                                       …

As Americans, we've become accustomed to certain freedoms and liberties that we often take for granted. There are a group of bad ass military personnel that

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Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. - Sun Tzu - Via: Carlos Molina

#airsoft instagram @serkan_ata_turk

#airsoft instagram @serkan_ata_turk