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Red and Gold Irish Dance Crown or Headband by IrishDanceShop

Red and Gold Irish Dance Crown or Headband

This Headband, designed for Irish dancing, has a red satin base and red colored elements,. There are elastic loops in the back to pin the crown to the wig.

the head piece is whack-a-doo, but N. would love this flaming dress

Eire Designs by Gavin Doherty - Original and stylish Irish dancing costumes. Pic is weird but hey we all love Gavin photos ;

love the contrast between the top and middle/sleeve embroidery, and the skirt style (Celtic Star)

Bows never get old. No matter how old YOU get.

Irish Dance Solo Dress Costume by Celtic Star. Probably not with the top bow.


IDentify You Irish Dance Solo Dress Costume

Collection | Elevation Design Elevation Design

Exclusive and unique Irish dancing dresses by Elevation Design. The Elevation brand is one which is known worldwide in the Irish dance community.

Cute Turquoise Gavin Doherty Irish Dance Dress Solo Costume For Sale

Beautiful And Elegant Eye Catching Gavin Dress

Beautiful and elegant eye catching Gavin Doherty/Eire designs dress for sale.