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Infraspinatus: one of Rotator Cuff (stabilizes head of humerus in glenoid cavity, - laterally rotates the shoulder (g/h joint), adducts the shoulder (g/h joint), Extends Shoulder (g/h joint), O = Infraspinous fossa of scapula, I= Greater tubercle of humerus

Anti Aging Exercise Programs for 40+ Year Olds

Starting at around 40, staying lean and feeling young is slightly tougher than when you were younger. Here are some ways to tweak workouts to match your age. via @rustymoore

Supraspinatus (one of rutator cuff muscle): supraspinatus fossa of scapula (origin) greater tubercle (insertion). Action: abducts arm and stabilize shoulder joint, internal rotation

4 Muscles and Tendons that Together are the Rotator Cuff

The Muscular System - Deep Layers, Back Laminated Anatomy Chart

This detailed poster shows the deep layers of the back side of the human muscular system, on sale now.