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clouds flygon flying mutsuri (schwarzer-hund) no humans pokemon pokemon (creature) sand smile trapinch vibrava

Avengers with their pokemon

The Avengers and Pokemon. I never thought it was possible.

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Messed up pokemon logic. To be fair the codein gen I games points to the dragon type being the last one created, so it was probably meant as a gimmick type.

Appropriate Earth locations for pokemons at first... Then we go down..

Appropriate Earth locations for pokemons.

The Most Majestic Locations People Have Caught Pokémon Appropriate Earth locations for pokemons at first. Then we go down.==>Well that escalated quickly

(7) pokemon memes | Tumblr: Don't know whether I should laugh or be terrified.

Misty didn't leave because her relationship with Ash became too complicated, she left because someone else was plotting against her.ash belongs to Pikachu ./Pokemon humor and logic/ pikachu