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Rag rug I made from Pendleton worms.

Rag rug I made from Pendleton worms.

Some other pinners have called this a double weave structure, but I don't think it is. It looks like a rep weave (ripsmatta) with thick and thin wefts.

warp face cloth, woven with thick and thin weft, cunningly adjusted to make the colour blocks. Colour blocks, another process that would be good to learn more about

BONNIE KIRKWOOD - spots of contrasting effect yarn on twill ground

Bonnie Kirkwood is exhibiting at Première Vision Designs 2015 (previously Indigo) to launch her new spring summer 2016 collection of hand woven designs for the global fashion market. She had previ…

Carpet filled with memories!

Carpet filled with memories!

Napkins done - I love them! - all gone, SOLD in my Etsy shop.  3-21-14: Finished winding warp. 3-22-14: sleyed reed. 3-23-14: Threading heddles. 3-24-14: Beamed warp. 3-25-14: Weaving! 4-15-14: All...

DebbieB's Handwoven Rainbow Candy Napkins

Ravelry: DebbieB's Handwoven Rainbow Candy Napkins No instructions, just inspiration. Multiple photos of these gorgeous handwoven napkins. Huck lace on a multicolored warp

Supplementary Beater- finished pick - from Real Fibers.com - weave loosely and beat with the undulated edge for a unique effect.

The Supplementary Beater ™ (Patent Pending) can be used on any loom and cloth up to wide. It has a varied undulating line that is completely controlled by the weaver.