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Under the water the world was so much different. There was no up or down, no left or right. There was only the pull of the currents that guided you, the steady tug of a flowing stream. All you had to decide was whether or not you would follow.
In one of the most elaborate sets in the world, British film production company Pinewood Studio captures breathtaking shots in a tank filled with 1.2 million liters (317,000 gallons) of water. The underwater stage, which opened in 2005, has been used for a huge number of TV commercials, music videos and films, including The Bourne Ultimatum, Atonement, Elizabeth and Casino Royale.
"The sea does not belong to despots. Upon its surface men can still exercise unjust laws, fight, tear one another to pieces, and be carried away with terrestrial horrors. But at thirty feet below its level, their reign ceases, their influence is quenched, and their power disappears. Ah! sir, live--live in the bosom of the waters! There only is independence! There I recognize no masters! There I am free!" - Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
lol!!!  Dogs under water: funny photo art project by Seth Casteel
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Ik draai mij om. Ik keer mij om. Ik word wakker. Ik sta op. Ik geniet met volle teugen van mijn huidige leven. Ik ben de droom voorbij. Ik ervaar de werkelijkheid.