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The Shoebill. Native to large swamps from Sudan to Zambia in tropical east Africa.This large stork-like bird gets its name because of the shape of its beak. Even though it was already known to ancient Egyptians and Arabs, the bird was only classified in 19th century.

Shoebill / Le Bec-en-sabot du Nil / Abu-Markub (père du soulier) c'est un échassier qui est actuellement menacé par la destruction de son habitat naturel.

The Shoebill is native to East-Central Africa: southern Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia. Shoebills are also nonmigratory, tho they may roam in foraging. They live near water: wetlands, freshwater swamps, dense marshes where papyrus, reeds, and/or grasses are plentiful.

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Shoebill stork Native to the freshwater swamps of tropical east Africa, these large, cartoon-like avians are known for their uniquely bulbou...

Shoebill - native to large swamps from Sudan to Zambia in tropical east Africa large blue bird africa

SOUTHERN CASSOWARY Casuarius casuarius . . . Also Australian Cassowary, Double-Wattled Cassowary . . . NE Australia, New Guinea, Aru Islands.