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keeshound | Keeshond fotoğraflarına bakın.

keeshound | Keeshond fotoğraflarına bakın.

Keeshond.  No it's not keyshound or, gasp quichehound. It's kayshond long or hard a. Yes there is no u in keeshond

The Dutch Barge dog- the Keishund - before foghorns they positioned on the bow of barges to bark when oncoming boats were detected - so its said

I use to have a keeshound named Kasey! They are the sweeetes pups!

Imagen de un cachorro de la raza Keeshond. Raza de perros (Picture of a puppy of breed Keeshond. Breed of dog)

Keeshond / keeshonden / Chien Loup / German Spitz / Deutscher Wolfspitz / Wolfspitz (Similar to Großspitz, Mittelspitz, and Kleinspitz)

Just my keeshond puppy, being adorable.

keeshond puppy, I had a Keeshond (Kona) for 16 yrs, they are one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever own, and they talk well sort of LOL

Keeshond | The Definitive Ranking Of Dog Breeds  I'm obsessing about dogs.... I'll never forget the copious amount of hair our Tuffy had... but boy  was he beautiful...


This Keeshond-American Eskimo Hybrid puppy clearly doesn't like being compared to a stuffed toy! -- 12 Cuddly Puppies That Can Easily Be Mistaken For Teddy Bears - HugeVibe

Sweet little walking ball of fluffy cutness known as a Keeshound!

Just like my Grandma's old dog that would watch out the window for me walking down the street coming home from school.sweet little walking ball of fluffy cutness known as a Keeshound!

Nova the Keeshond

redwingjohnny: “ Nova the Keeshond Nova is a playful puppy that loves people and other dogs. Her daily routine consists of sleeping, eating, belly rubs, fetch, and more eating! She is a bottomless pit.