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Credit card machine. I had to use these in shop in 1987. They always bit my little finger when I first slid it across. Ouch!

Missing too many shots? Then get this. Nothing satisfies like making swish after swish. Bandit Shooting Machine puts your arm in the proper firing position every time. It can be worn on either arm to develop right-handed or left-handed shots. The Bandit shooting machine builds muscle memory as it trains your arm to shoot with just the right amount of movement. You'll be amazed by your new shooting accuracy! Complete with video & training manual with shooting drills and instructions.

Omg, this video is so basic and seems to be kinda old fashioned but I'm so glad I have come across it. It's good to see exactly how you're machine should be used and how to clean it. Good to get familiar with ya machine. (Presuming it's very similar to newer brother machines!!!) Warning, it is like half an hour long, but I enjoyed it.