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Autistic children sometimes see things in a whole different light than we do, and I love them for that. Alot of times it's the way I wish I looked at things because it can make things seem less difficult.

Autism awareness tattoo...Done by @jeffsaunderstattoo Squirts for Autism Awareness. Check out and give @jeffsaunderstattoo a - disneytattooart

Autism Tattoos And Designs-Autism Tattoo Meanings And Ideas-Autistic Tattoo Designs

watercolour autism tattoo..Mandy bojonawski...thought of you and thought this was pretty

"My son has autism. I'm so jealous. He doesn't care how the world views him. He does exactly what he wants without fear. He's my biggest hero."

I think had Aspergers been able to be diagnosed many years ago, I would have been the poster child. This describes me. (Except maybe the real literal part)

What is High Functioning Autism

Get more information and signs on High Functioning Autism. You would be surprised of how many kids have this but are often misdiagnosed or judge for just being a "bad kid". autism, high functioning, high functioning autism #autism #highfunctioning