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"She wanted storms.."

You will hear the thunder and remember me, And think: she wanted storms. The rim of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson, and your heart, as it was then, will be on fire. ~"You Will Hear Thunder" ~by Anna Akhmatova

I did the exact same thing as a kid. I punch people in the arms now through.

I did the exact same thing as a kid. I punch people in the arms now through. As my second uncle on my mothers side always said: "if you don't know what to do, just punch people.


Meraki - to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.just to mention is a Greek word.


What causes creativity. Words to remember and think about! Creativity requires a delicate balance of primarily these eight things. If you’re not feeling particularly creative, evaluate which of these might be off balance for you.

Keep a notebook for those surprise thoughts for your book

Keep a notebook because you won't remember. Keep a notebook because you'll be looking for things to write in it. Oh, well look at that. I'm writing this quote in, A NOTEBOOK

Perfect Imperfection

Imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective. This is what I love about people & life. Imperfection is what makes you all perfect.

newtmas fanart - Google Search

"This went through my mind today when my friend thought that I was in a gang. Then my other friend said that I was to nice to be in a gang. Then I instantly thought THIS^^" xDDD

Yes! I love this so much. Nothing is more cathartic than journaling (I'll be burning mine in the backyard though) xx

Simple Stress Relief

Keeping a journal is an awesome way to develop your character. It will help you see areas of your life that you need to work on and the great thing about a journal is that you can go back and see how far you've come!

Rantings of a Beautiful Mind

The human heart beats approximately 4000 times per hour and each pulse, each throb, each palpation is a trophy engraved with the words, "you are still alive. So true

INFJ: The battle between being recognized and noticed too much

INFJ - That's why I always said I didn't wan to be famous.but maybe in educated circles.)***the struggle of everyday life, the fight to move upward and yet not become an outcast because of it