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Vertebrates and Invertebrates: Animal Classification Tabbed Booklet

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Tabbed Booklet. This vertebrates and invertebrates booklet is a great way to focus on animal classification along with main idea, vocabulary, writing, and learn about of course - vertebrates and invertebrates!Unfortunately, with the large demands on reading and math from Common Core, science is often pushed to the side.

Cornell Notes-Style Bible Journaling

I purchased a Cornell Notes spiral notebook a few months ago, and found that I enjoyed the layout for sermon/teaching notes. Thoughts (rabbit trails) pop into my mind while writing the speaker's points, and the margins on the side of the main note-taking space provide the perfect place to capture them. The smaller margin area also allows me to record scripture references and other quickly-mentioned topics that I'd like to go back and revisit for further study. The bottom portion of the…

Teaching Students to Close Read When You Can't Mark the Text

Students read a book, designed and made a tshirt to advertise it and then tried to "sell" it to their classmates w/o giving away the ending—fun! Involves public speaking, persuasion, summarizing the main idea, graphic design that gets a message across, etc.

World War 2 Review Activity

Students review World War 2 by helping FDR make 4 big decisions related to the attack at Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, the atomic bomb, and Japanese-Americans. They create a pamphlet detailing the two main sides of the arguments for each topic (there are multiple questions and prompts for students to address per topic) and then help FDR decide what decision to make. There are 6 main requirements for students to address with multiple items to address within each requirement.

Teaching Students to Close Read When You Can't Mark the Text

After I posted my lesson on Close Reading and annotating the text a couple of weeks ago, I’ve received quite a few e-mails requesting pictures of the OTHER side of the bookmark: Using sticky notes to Close Read. I had my sixth grade students cut the sticky notes into 3 pieces, and they used them throughout Chapter Six of The Hidden Girl. Don’t forget that the “key terms or main ideas”


Keep a spiral index card notebook for each class to write study notes for each exam.

This is the main side of the Assignment Maker which contains key benefit messages of library service offers.