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Van Cleef & Arpels diamond tiara Princess Grace wore at the wedding of her daughter Caroline to Philippe Jugnot in Platinum set with pear-shaped, marquise-shaped, and round diamonds, today this tiara is in Van Cleef & Arpels’ Private Collection.

Catherine the Great crown

The Great Imperial Crown, Russian Crown Jewels, made for the Empress Catherine II the Great's coronation in 1762

Russian Imperial Crown Jewels Pearl and Diamond Tiara

Pearl and Diamond Tiara (Russian Crown Jewels) "Tiara of pearls and diamonds made for Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, wife of Nicholas II, by the Swedish jeweler Bolin in

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The tiara worn by Tsarina Alexandra in the previous two pins. A large Russian kokoshnic, with multiple pear-shaped diamonds, both top and bottom. It's current whereabouts are unknown.

Tiara by Cartier owned by Queen Victoria of Spain, 1927.

DIAMOND GARLAND TIARA MADE BY CARTIER In 1927 Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain ordered a tiara with arching laurel wreaths interwined around two horizontal garlands of leaves, a thematic invention which, considering the predominant styly of art deco at

The Queen of England's Royal Sceptre which features the Culinan I (or Star of Africa) diamond. At 530 carats, it weighs in as the largest colorless, white cut diamond in the world. NOW THAT'S BLING!!!

In the Great Star of Africa was given to King Edward VII of England and set into the Royal Scepter. The Royal Scepter is still used today by Queen Elizabeth It is one of the largest polished diamonds in the world.

The Diamond Tiara of Hesse (of the Hessen Diamond Tiara)

The Hesse diamond tiara was originally owned by Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Alice who married the Grand Duke of Hesse. When her son Ernest Louis married his cousin Victoria Melita it returned to Great Britain.

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Sapphire Elegant And Diamond Tiara

Faberge tiara - The piece is referred to as the Empress Josephine Tiara because the briolette-cut diamonds (the ones shaped like teardrops )were given to the French empress by Tsar Alexandra I following her divorce from Napoleon I. The piece was created around 1890 and is mounted in silver and gold. It is estimated to be worth $774,384 and $1.2 million but could bring more at the auction."

Faberge Tiara from The Collection of HRH Princess Maria Gabriella di Savoia, inherited from her mother HM Queen Maria José of Italy

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna’s diamond and emerald tiara created by jewelers Bolin and Fabergé  (1900). The 'Columbian Emerald Tiara' belonged to a suite of jewels made for Tsarina Alexandra and her sister, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth feodorovna.

The Alexandra Feodorovna Emerald Tiara ~ aka -The 'Columbian Emerald Tiara' ~ belonged to a suite of jewels made for Tsarina Alexandra.

The Romanov nuptual diadem. there is a pink diamond in the center. this piece was purchased by the heiress Marjorie Merryweather Post  (Post cereal) and is in The Smithsonian in Washington DC.

The Romanov Imperial wedding tiara, which was made for the Empress Elisabeth Alexeievna. It is made from over a thousand diamonds with a beautiful 13 carat pink diamond ornamenting the centre.

Reais Jóias do Conselho Mundial da Mensagem

The Pakenham Circlet of honeysuckle motifs of diamonds set in silver and mounted in gold. May have been made for the widow of the Baron Longford, who was elevated to the Irish title of Countess in her own right. (From Munn's Tiaras Past and Present)

Queen Mary's Diamond Loop tiara

Queen Mary’s Diamond Loop Tiara (Britain) Broken up to make the Dehli Durbar Tiara

Tiara of Princess Maria Anna of Austria born Maria Anna Bourbon-Parma

Tiara of Archduchess Maria Anna Princess Royal of Hungary and Bohemia mariaAnna-austria-bourbon-tiara.

An emerald-diamond bow tiara of Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia Russian Jewels spam

Russian Jewels: the Colombian Tiara - c. Emerald and Diamond tiara of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna by the Russian jeweler Bolin.

The Luxembourg Empire Tiara     the Luxembourg Empire Tiara. Composed of massive amounts of diamonds in the Empire style potentially dating from the early 19th century, it earns its name on scale alone. This regal gem made its public debut on the head of reigning Grand Duchess Charlotte when she married Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma in 1919.

The Luxembourg Empire Tiara: One of the largest diadems in use today and composed of massive amounts of diamonds in the Empire style, this regal gem made its public debut on the head of reigning Grand Duchess Charlotte when she married Prince Felix of Bou