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Learn more about the Wiccan Symbols, the Pentagram and the others. Why are they connected with the 4 elements and 5 senses?

Eight phases

The moon has 8 main phases. The phase of the moon can affect the strength of your spell and even your personality.

Beautiful Ogham calendar print showing the 13 months of the year named after the Ogham trees, symbols of ancient Ireland.

Trees in Celtic Mythology: Trees were hugely significant to the ancient Celts. They believed different kinds of trees served different mystical purposes that helped them through their lives. Possible wood hardness chart?

Protection . Décoration murale viking rune de par BoudoirDuChaman:

Protection . pagan viking wall-hanging, twigs rune with wool witchcraft magical decoration

Your angels communicate through symbolism and by placing items along your path: coins, numbers, feathers, symbols. Search symbolism and your sign online

Orb Colors

Orb Colors

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Image result for Luck Spells


lavender & lemon // ganymede / gay / trans guy / [he/him] // sagittarius rising / sagittarius sun / virgo moon / capricorn cusp / sagittarius + aquarius dominant // ISFP // witchy things / astrology things / pretty things //


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