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Oh my god. This is the truth now. Whoever thought of this should be a writer.

Ending Spoilers. "May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead." Quotes used from the goodbye scene with Garrus.

Mass effect <3 - this is why I love you Garrus.

My heart? (SOULMATE by ~Olivietta) on deviantART I don't even ship shep/garrus, but this is beautiful, even from a best friend stand point.

ME: The Morning War by Abadir.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is the reason behind the Quarian/Geth war. Yes, a Mass Effect fanart. Other "Mass Effect: Priorities" strips: ME: The Morning War

Never getting over how handsome he is. Lovely drawing too. #MassEffect #ThaneKrios

The only respectable male character romance and he had to just DIE.Well, Garrus is around but--yeah. Yall know.


Mass Effect- Afterlife Ambient by Hidrico on deviantART (Tali - Mass Effect)

This hit me right in the feels. Because I know what it's like to almost die from suffocating

This scene haunted my mind for all day. I had to draw it. My ME character Barbara Shepard mass Effect, Bioware bad memories

Sorry I try not to pin too much Shakarian fluff but I couldn't resist with this one. Sorry (not really).

I just finished Mass Effect 3 and I'm going through withdrawals.