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Another year, another edition of the Chigago Comic and Entertainment Expo We have a gallery of creative commons pictures featuring some cosplayers attending the event.

Uncle Ben

You could do that or go to a convention dressed as Mr and Mrs Wayne and faint and die in front of as many Batmans as you can

If I was super crafty (and could sew) I would toootally make my kids animal coats! lol Love this fox coat!

Anthony Misiano ( Harley’s Joker ) click to see it high resolution is SO worth it! p.s The photographer of this picture said that it was taken while our dear Mr. Misiano was out of character and off guard somewhat…..I think this is one of my favorite shots…He looks so human I don’t know I just love it :)

“I-It also had blue skin!” “Look Mr.Pendrew, you sure this wasn’t just some crazy in a costume?” “I TOLD YOU, IT PHASED RIGHT THROUGH THE WALL AFTER IT TOOK ALL MY MONEY! YOU HAVE TO KILL IT!” For the SuperPhantom week! todays theme: Past I thought it’d be funny if John was called in during the time Vladdie (in ghost form) was “acquiring” ,money to begin his on company and was caught on camera/or just seen by peeps from multiple pla...