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Orcs - Tolkien Gateway

Orcs - Tolkien Gateway

fairytalemood:  "Come buy from us with a golden curl" by Hilda Hechle (1914), from Christina Rossetti’s "Goblin Market"

Hilda Hechle (British, "Come buy from us with a golden curl", From Christina Rosetti 'Goblin market'

John Howe - In Mordor.jpg

John Howe - In Mordor.jpg

Sauron's Forces by John Howe

John Howe :: Illustrator Portfolio :: Home / From Hobbiton to Mordor / Sauron's Forces

This is an awesome viewpoint on the Battle of Helms Deep.

An Elven Mercenary who has forsaken the ways of the wood and woad for the ways of war.

Dungeon #197 - Steading of the Hill Giant Chief; Ground Floor (Digital DM & Player Versions)

This hi-res battle map was originally created as part of a set of encounter maps for the adventure Steading of the Hill Giant Chief from issue of Dungeon Magazine

Rewin by ~N-ossandon-Nezt on deviantART

Néstor Ossandón, who also goes by the online alias ~N-ossandon-Nezt is a digital artist from Chile. He used to be one of the leading artists over at Blackvolta