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The Most Badass Looking War Machine of World War II, Truly an intimidating sight to behold, the Sturmtiger was a heavy assault gun tasked with providing fire support for infantry. During close...

Leni Riefenstahl, still considered one of the most talented female film-makers in history. Standing next to...uh...they guy who helped her earn that distinction.

Nebelwerfer 41 being fired from a half track. - Huge Collection Of The Warsaw Uprising Photos 18 Page 3 of 3 Best of Web Shrine

Children from the Hitler Youth serving in the German Army at the last stages of WW2. As Germany suffered more casualties, more teenagers volunteered and were accepted, initially as reserve troops but then as regulars. The German ethic of the boy soldier not only encouraged such service but towards the end of the war, the Germans even drafted boys as young as 12 into military service. These children saw extensive action and were among the fiercest and effective German defenders in the Battle…

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