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FEEAS. Made to dislike "The Emperor´s New Clothes”. Pictures: Héctor Orruño and Pablo Martínez Muñiz

jarring jewelry and brain-bending anatomical accessories look like body glitches

The Whydah is the only pirate ship that's ever been found. Even more significant, the Whydah was the flagship of “Black Sam” Bellamy, a famous pirate captain. Discovered by Barry Clifford in 1984, its treasures are still being recovered.More than 200K artifacts (cannons, coins, gold jewelry, & the ship’s bell have been brought to the surface. Since'07, a selection of the artifacts has been on show in a travelling exhibition ("THE REAL PIRATES") sponsored by The Natl Geo. Society…

Awesome Body-Part Jewelry Will Have You Seeing Double

Awesome Body-Part Jewelry Will Have You Seeing Double | The Creators Project

Are these rings? Or are they the manual remains of an android's endoskeleton? Only New York's Sylvie Lissa Alusitz knows for sure. (Probably rings, though.)

Brooch | Alexander Calder. Scanned image from the publication The Intimate World of Alexander Calder by Daniel Marchesseau.