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Conifers (C). 1. Pine-. 2. Fir-. 3. Larch-. 4. Juniper*. 5. Cypress/ kiparisas*. 6. Yew/ kukmedis*. 7. Cedar/ kedras*. 8. Hemlock.

Fall Art Print

leaf tree .... maple leaf stencil with pinks and purples in watercolor inside .... breaking up and falling as leaves .. skeleton tree printed on top ... lovely piece of art ...

Collection of 44 Watercolor Trees

Collection of 44 Watercolor Trees

Collection of watercolored trees to show the different shape and form trees can have. I like the use of minimal colour to create the image. I think trees are good to use in an image as they also provide a sense of scale

The World's Oldest, Largest Cork Tree - The Whistler Tree

The world’s largest cork tree, Alentejo - Portugal. 230+ years old, producing corks since 1820. It was 5 years old when the first English settlers arrived in Australia, and 6 years old when the French Revolution began in 1789. 1789 bottles of wine sealed with cork in that same year were fairly recently discovered in a French cellar, and both the wines and corks in good condition. Every nine years producing 1T of bark, enough cork for 100,000 wine bottles, weights 102T.

12 Amazing Tree Tunnels You Should Definitely Take A Walk Through