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~ MON PLAISIR ~ Вещи для души. Винтаж,Прованс.

~ MON PLAISIR ~ Вещи для души. Винтаж,Прованс.

Jennifer Booher finds objects on the beach then photographs it. Maybe I can do this, I find stuff all the time.

Jennifer Booher finds objects on the beach then photographs it, great idea, beautiful pictures and arrangements.

Anne Boleyn's letter (dated 29 April 1529) to Stephen Gardiner:  link includes transcript

Anne Boleyn’s Letter to Stephen Gardiner. This letter was written by Anne Boleyn on 4 April Not many of Anne’s letters from the period of the divorce survive and, furthermore, it demonstrates the personal interest Anne took in the divorce proceedings.

Terracotta head of Dionysos (1st century BC) Greek or Roman - Art Curator & Art Adviser. I am targeting the most exceptional art! Catalog @ http://www.BusaccaGallery.com

ancientpeoples: “ Terracotta head of Dionysus Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and pleasure, in the Greek and Roman Period (in roman he is known as Bacchus) he was immensly popular. On the gods head we can see grapes and his beard has typically.


Top 10 Most Ancient Lost Cities in the World

Fake pinned as "Lost City of Atlantis Archeological Dig, Nassau, Bahamas." - It is actually Part of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas.(Just a tourist attraction.not real)

A miniature of Marie Antoinette by an unknown artist,

A miniature of Marie Antoinette by an unknown artist,

Creative Clay Pot Craft Source Barbwire beautiful Love it!   Source Adorable Garden Globe Source Bottle Tree F...

could possibly make fence panels like this instead of trellis Sills Edgar - have Jack make this yard art! barbwire - beautiful - Love it!

The Scepter | Andreas Osenbruck | 1615 dated,Europe The Austrian Crown Jewels (German: Insignien und Kleinodien) is a term denoting the regalia and vestments worn by the Holy Roman Emperor, and later by the Emperor of Austria, during the coronation ceremony and other state functions.[

Sapphire at the top of the Scepter of the Austrian Crown Jewels - 1615 - by Osenbruck

Much tastier than the coffee shop version, and it's better for you.

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte


Bastet was a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion, worshiped as early as the Second Dynasty BC). As Bast, she was the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt, the Nile River delta region, before the unification of the cultures of ancient Egypt.