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【画像】BABYMETAL「SU-METALの十字架磔写真+凛と美しくカッコかわいいすぅちゃん特集!」 : BABYMETALまとめたる

【画像】BABYMETAL「SU-METALの十字架磔写真+凛と美しくカッコかわいいすぅちゃん特集!」 : BABYMETALまとめたる


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BABYMET​​AL CD&DL - Imgur上のアルバム


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did i ever tell you how obsessed i am with babymetal

seriously...idc what you listen to. it will NEVER be as awesome as these girls and that says a lot from me because i HATE teenagers!!

BABYMETAL is one of the worlds greatest metal bands in the world. It just shows that any race of any gender can be metal

BABYMETAL. i love this japanese band!!! talk about some little badasses!!!

Japanese animated Interviews and essays by the Boston Phoenix's pop, rock, jazz, rap, and classical critics


We sit down with the Japanese metal sensation to discuss what drives them

BABYMETAL. Wait until the U.S. finds out about them. #Babymetal - #YuiMetal…

Amy Mizuno on

Just the kind of thing I like, synths+heavy guitar riffs+pop vocals. These guys are awesome.