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Young Samuel delivering Jehovah’s judgment message to Eli

Young Samuel Grows Up At the Tabernacle

El juez Gedeón al frente de unos soldados israelitas

Dejemos que “el aguante tenga completa su obra” (Santiago 1:4)

pRestForTheWeary.jpg (377×576)

Stunning pictures of Jesus that show you who much He loves you and how beautiful He is. These images of Jesus Christ help you experience Him.

Plague of death of the firstborn son

Hiding behind the blood of The Lamb. Does not matter if you're still standing there trembling or in full peace, just make sure you are there! Old testament paintings

Job con llagas en su cuerpo

Los muertos resucitarán

The man Job with boils on his body. Job was confident that he would live again.

José ouvindo seus irmãos expressarem profundo arrependimento por sua atitude cruel anos atrás

“Am I in the Place of God?”—Joseph (Genesis 45)

Joseph hears his brothers express deep regret over their cruel behavior years earlier


The hand of Satan offering Jesus all the governments and kingdoms of the world ~Learn about this and other things like : What is God’s purpose for mankind? How has God been challenged? What will life on earth be like in the future?

King Ahab approaches Naboth in a vineyard

Ahab & Naboth - 1 Kings "Ahab said to Naboth: “Give me your vineyard for me to use as a vegetable garden, for it is near my house.

Abel ofreciendo lo mejor de su rebaño a Jehová; Caín ofreciendo productos de su cosecha

Abel offering the best of his sheep to Jehovah, Cain offering his crops