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So we were talking about the transaction, right? We talked about earnest money, and now we’re talking about the option fee. So what’s the option fee and what's the option period? Get answers to this and other questions at http://codemarkfinancial.com/m-power-u/

Attain the American Dream, Own a Home!

April’s over. #Extra #mortgage #payments are now in! http://codemarkfinancial.com/m-power-u/finance-refinance/tale-of-two-taxpayers-extra-mortgage-payments/

A Tale of Two Taxpayers—Extra Mortgage Payments - Codemark Financial

Want to save money on your mortgage by refinancing? Do your homework first by asking yourself these questions.

If you're thinking of refinancing or need more info .give me a call Walt Harper at 903 875 4903

How do you get prepared? Listen to your coaches. It doesn't have to be painful. http://codemarkfinancial.com/m-power-u/buy-home/prepare/ #mortgage #yoursuperstar

Reverse Mortgage Information.Everything You Should Know About Reverse Mortgage,Home Mortgage,Home Loan Rates,FHA Mortgage and Home Mortgage refinance.

How Do Student Loans Affect Getting A Mortgage http://www.rochesterrealestateblog.com/student-loans-affect-getting-mortgage-buying-home/

How Student Loans Affect Getting A Mortgage When Buying A Home

Student loans are a popular topic in the mortgage and real estate industry right now. Find out how student loans impact getting a mortgage to buy a home!

Welcome to our new series, #YourSuperStar. Is pre-approval and pre-qualification the same? Nope. Here's why http://codemarkfinancial.com/m-power-u/finance-refinance/the-difference-between-pre-qualified-pre-approved/

Difference Between Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved - Codemark Financial

How much is #earnest money? Do you get it back? Watch http://codemarkfinancial.com/m-power-u/finance-refinance/finance-home-understanding-earnest-money/

Finance a Home, Understanding Earnest Money - Codemark Financial

"Chasing the #Rate" and the "#Appraisal" ~ common delays in the home loan process. You can avoid #delays. http://codemarkfinancial.com/m-power-u/finance-refinance/how-to-avoid-prolonging-the-closing-process-close-in-30-days/

Let's talk about what might delay your closing from that typical transaction.

We’re getting into underwriting - How long does it usually take?    About 30 days, up to 45 maybe, sometimes 60. Stay tuned, we'll go week by week—talk about what's happening and what could cause delays.    http://codemarkfinancial.com/m-power-u/finance-refinance/how-to-underwrite-your-real-estate-transaction/

How To Underwrite Your Real Estate Transaction - Codemark Financial