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Mt Difficulty Wines

Timelapse movie of the installation of New Zealand's largest extensive living roof onto Mt. Difficulty winery's new barrel store. The 900 sq m (9688 sq ft) LiveRoof system by Stormwater360 New Zealand incorporates 150 depth lightweight UrbanGreen Roofmix substrate by Stormwater360 and is designed for biodiversity, evaporative cooling (using process water), heat retention and aesthetic enhancement of the barrel store roof for the Mt Difficulty Restaurant and tasting rooms above.

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Black Warrior Riverkeeper settles lawsuit over Shannon mine pollution with Drummond subsidiary

Black Warrior Riverkeeper settled a water pollution law suit with Shannon coal mine, which violated the Clean Water Act in Jefferson & Tuscaloosa Counties - Alabama. As a part of remediation, Shannon LLC engineered a constructed wetland to treat selenium, the primary pollutant of concern released by the mine. It also agreed to allow an impartial survey of the stream buffer & has committed to restoring the buffer if the survey indicates any encroachment into the buffer zone.

In addition to serving as a model for urban neighborhood development, HIgh Point’s cohesive natural drainage system helps improve water quality in the nearby Longfellow Creek by reverting the site, 10% of the Longfellow Creek basin, to pasture conditions.