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This is a powerful photo because looks can be deceiving. They may look like good or innocent but have an evil personality, vice versa. And to not judge a book by its cover. understandingvette: Never judge a book by its cover Powerful Picture!

Sometimes I get so excited while eating mac n' cheese that I forget to breathe. Sonny's mac n cheese everyday, lol.

Mind officially blown…

Mind officially blown…

Back in the day, Trix cereal used to be little fruit shapes. Now, they're just round and boring. What if they're still fruit shaped, but I just can't see them because I'm a silly adult rabbit and Trix are for kids?


Funny Confession Ecard: How to win her love: hold doors. make her laugh. pull her hair & smack her ass. Hsieh "smack her ass"

I will marry whoever does this for me. Awwww

That'll Definitely Make Her Feel Better!