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Icelandic prayer: "Join now over and all around. with an eternal blessing. God angels sit together in a circle. Blanket of memory."

The 10 Coolest Dead Languages

Old Norse | When: 700 CE - 1300 CE What you can read in it: The Eddas, a series of old Icelandic myths, and a bunch of runes and shit. The language of the Vikings, Old Norse was spoken in Scandinavia, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, and in parts of Russia, France and the British Isles, and is the predecessor to modern Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

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I wish I lived here: chasing the light in Gothenburg

Love the cozy and warm brown tints in this home. The old wooden doors and floors are beautifully combined with the ocher armchair, white furniture and green plants. I also like the wooden shelf (not sure what else to call it) on top … Continue reading →