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Double Digit X Single Digit Gumballs

Students will solve double digit x single digit multiplication problems. They will show their work for each problem, but can check their answers by...

Elapsed Time Common Core Word Problem Collection: Grade 3-4

The 20 problems included require students to use their understanding of time concepts and problem solving strategies to solve real world math problems involving elapsed time. These problems are geared for students in grades 3 and 4. This problem set is correlated to the Common Core requirements. Problems are included in THREE formats to allow for maximum flexibility! Check out the preview to see samples of all 3! $4.95 (Also available in bundled set)

Intermediate Math Journal Prompts

Whether you are a seasoned math journal user or are ready to dabble for the first time, this resource has something for you! This download is a set of math journal problems which are perfect for most intermediate (grades 3-5) students and provide real-world problem solving practice including fun and exciting, non-traditional math journal problems including word problems, “Mystery Numbers”, “True/False Statements”, and “Tell me what you know about…” problems. $5